High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) membranes

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) membranes with thickness from 1 to 2.5 mm are the most widely used material for installation of reliable waterproofing geomembranes at household, industrial and toxic waste sites, water collecting ponds, storm water reservoirs, POL storage facilities and etc.

With density 0,92-0,94 g/m3 HDPE rolls have following physical properties:
  • Elongation at break     650-700%;
  • Elongation at yield     10%;
  • Low temperature brittleness -     -700.

    HDPE materials practically do not change their physical properties within temperature range from -600 to +600. They are resistant to the most chemical substances: acid, salts, alkaline, fats and etc. These materials are used for construction of facilities for storage of liquids with from 0,5 to 14. HDPE membranes are not damaged by fungus, microbes, are resistant against plant root growing and ultraviolet radiation and do not affect the quality of potable water.

    This and other properties of the HDPE materials give an opportunity to successfully use them during construction of tunnel, dams and other hydro-technical facilities. World experience of HDPE application confirms durable life span of HDPE geomembranes, not less than 50 years.

    HDPE rolls are welded into geomembrane with the use of special equipment by contact or extrusion welding method under air temperature from -5 to +40 .

    VinproektPromcomplex Co. specialists together with Institute of ecohygiene and toxicology of the Health Ministry of Ukraine have developed the Recommendations for installation of geomembranes from polymer materials, which have been approved by the Ministry of environment and natural resources of Ukraine and the Head Sanitary Epidemiological Department of Ukraine. These recommendations provide with the main standard design solutions for installation of geomembranes from rolled polymer materials, main requirements to the ground base, safety rules, environmental requirements and the list of chemical substances and HDPE resistance to them.

    For the recent years the VinproektPromcomplex Co. specialists have completed a number of projects on the geomembrane installation at the following facilities: Chernobyl NPP radioactive waste storage facility, waste water accumulation ponds, ponds and tanks for water storage in case of fire at a gas stations and POL storage facilities and other Ukrainian enterprises, several artificial reservoirs under private orders. If necessary our company can perform all kind of activities on turn-key geomembrane installation from designing to commissioning.

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