Waterproofing: quality, reliability, durability

VinproektPromcomplex Co. is a privately owned enterprise working on specialized construction work, design works and engineering service. Company has quialified experinced specialized engineers and workers, we have licences to execute construction and design works all over Ukraine.

Promoting new materials and technologies at the construction market of Ukraine, our personnel have been trained and certified for the application of HDPE and EPDM rubber membranes for waterproofing of buildings and facilities in Sweden and Germany.

These materials having unique properties on reliability and durability give an opportunity to provide waterproofing for flat roofs, underground parts of buildings and facilities, waste storage sites of different designation at a principally new level of quality.

Experience gained by our company in the course of implementation of various projects on waterproofing of building and facilities with the use of new materials has given us confidence in the correctness of the chosen strategy.

Quality will always find its consumer.

Main advantages and properties of EPDM

Roofing systems of any type

Application of EPDM membrane for waterproofing of fire-fighting and other reservoirs, household and toxic waste sites, undersurface facilities, foundations etc.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) membranes

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